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The Greatest Tool in CrossFit; Confidence

Why do people join the CrossFit community? Maybe it’s to get in shape, stay in shape, replace a bad habit, boredom, or honestly, any number of reasons.

Originally, for me, I wanted to lose weight. I was unhappy with how I looked and, more importantly, how I felt. Initially however, I didn’t start with CrossFit, but rather personal training with Coach Hunter at one of the globo-gyms in the area. Hunter did an amazing job keeping me motivated and on track and after six months of blood, sweat, and a lot of tears, I decided to join CrossFit.

To be completely honest with you, I was very confident going into my first CrossFit class. Hunter and I had worked on the basic movements and slowly built up my strength. I wasn’t worried about the stereotype that CrossFit classes “were too intense” or that I wasn’t up to the skill level required. However, after about four classes I found out just how challenging CrossFit could be and I lost my most valuable asset when it comes to the work outs; my confidence.

It was a Thursday workout and the 4th class I had attended. I had too much weight on the bar and forgot to bring my inhaler. I could make up a number of excuses as to what soon followed but the truth is I just lost my confidence. I started the workout and about halfway through I got in my own head, started crying, and put the bar down. When I say “crying”, I mean silently bawling in front of my plyo-box because I didn’t feel I could continue the workout. Then, one of the other coaches came over, stripped the weight off my bar, and yelled at me to finish. Needless to say…confidence gone! I took a good month off before ever stepping foot into any gym again.

The biggest obstacle we face in any CrossFit workout, or really anything in life isn’t the situation or the workout, but ourselves. Obviously, I picked CrossFit back up and, with the help of my coaches, friends, family, and the CrossFit community at 15-501, I found my confidence again and then some. But one thing I want to stress is that maintaining that confidence is something I continually work on. Some workouts will absolutely kick your butt and leave you on the floor wondering what happened. It’s within those moments, where we feel like we can’t go on, that we ABSOLUTELY have to. Don’t let a failed PR or a low Metcon score get or keep you discouraged. It’s within the failure that we grow and realize exactly what we need to work on. Gain support from those around you. Gain support from your coaches. Gain confidence from the fact that you survived another workout, another challenge, and another day.

Confidence is a daily struggle for me but I realize it’s not supposed to be easy. I use everyday as a way to get better and gain confidence in myself. Some days are harder than others, but everyday I am lucky enough to have the support of my coaches and amazing community at the gym.

If you remember anything from your time doing CrossFit, whether you’ve been doing it for years or you’re just starting, I hope it’s that your BIGGEST and MOST VALUABLE asset is your confidence. With confidence, each day is a new opportunity to become better than you were the day before.

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